At Ohmega Vapor we have many goals for the vape community and general society as a whole. We want to be a steady advocate for the vape and e-cigarette community by raising awareness about vaping and e-cigarettes as a safe alternative to not only smoking but other smoking cessation products. Our goal is not only to try to save the lives of smokers by offering a truly safe alternative, but also to give back time to smokers that cigarettes would have otherwise taken away. Our goal every day is to give smokers one less reason to smoke and put the power into the hands of our smoking and vaping customers alike. We reach for these goals by producing a safe, high quality and affordable product for e-cigarette users that want better flavors and flavor selection and for smokers who want to be rid of cigarettes once and for all.


Our main goal as a company is the abolition of smoking. We want to get positivity surrounding vaping and e-cigarettes to the public and let the smoking populous know that switching to an e-cig could save their lives! We also want to help quell all of the negative stigmas out there surrounding vaping and e-cigarettes: Stigmas like “vaping produces formaldehyde” or “all E-juices can cause the Popcorn Lung condition” and our personal favorite “vaping has more chemicals than cigarettes”. As a company we want to educate the public and our customers so that they may tell others and stop the spread of these falsehoods. These bits of propaganda were bought and paid for by big tobacco. Through education, awareness and safe quality products we can not only help the industry as a whole, but its consumers and smokers alike to help put an end to big tobacco! Who’s with us!


Our Goal For Smokers

Our goal for smokers is simple. We want you to quit. We want you to be healthier. We want you to feel better. We want you to spend less money. We want you to be around for your family and your children for many years to come. We want to give you back the minutes back that cigarettes are taking.


Our E-Juice contains only quality ingredients with no fillers or added chemicals. We have over 150 flavors for you to choose from. So if you want to stick to that nice tobacco flavor you’re used to, we have it. If you want to switch to something different to get out of the mind-set of smoking, we have it. We also have many different starter kits for you to choose from. So, you can try something different if you’ve already used an e-cig and it didn’t quite work out for you.


Most importantly, we’re here. We have 24/7 customer service available. If you’re new to trying an e-cig, want to upgrade, or just have general questions about vaping and E-cigarettes, we’re here for you. Give us a call and try something new. With Ohmega, the power is in your hands. Give us a try. It just might save your life!


Our Goal For VAPERS

Already vape? Great! Ohmega is still going to be your first choice in online shops. We guarantee our juice will be among the best you’ve tried. Give us your flavor profile. Let us know what you like. We’ll recommend something to you that you’re sure to love! We have over 150 Hand Crafted E-Juice flavors at Ohmega. There’s something perfect for everyone.


We also have a great hardware selection. We want vapers to be able to come to Ohmega for all of their vaping needs. If we don’t have the best new piece of hardware that you want, send us an email or give us a call and let us know. We will order it just to satisfy you. Customer service is of the utmost importance to us. We want to make sure you get what you need.


Unlike other “premium” e-juice companies, we also offer the best reward points plan and free shipping on all orders to all Ohmega Members Club™ members. We do this to give a little back to the customer. Our way of saying “Thank You” for choosing Ohmega.


With Ohmega, the power is in your hands. The power to choose. The power to quit. The power to vape. Vape on.