Most companies out there know what they do and how they do it. What most companies don’t truly know is “WHY” they do what they do. For Ohmega the “WHY” is what drives us from the top down. We believe the reign of big tobacco is coming to an end and we want to be a large nail in its coffin. We believe that a small E-Juice company can change the world, one smoker at a time. We believe in providing products that people need and want, not because it’s trendy, but because if it keeps you from picking up another cigarette, you’ve won and so have we. We believe in innovation and challenging the status quo with everything we do from our products to our customer service. We want to be the best and will not accept any less.



At Ohmega, health is a large part of why we got into this business. It’s because of this that we want to create the healthiest products we can, given the circumstance. Our E-Juices are made in an ISO 8 Lab using USP grade Flavorings, Propylene Glycol, Vegetable Glycerin, and Pharmaceutical grade nicotine. Our products are vegan and kosher safe, so for our customers that are conscientious about these things, we’ve got you covered! Our products are also Diacetyl, Paraben and Gluten free. We made our products this way, not because we’re a bunch of sandal wearing hippies (we wear boots in Texas), but because we wanted to make sure we eliminated as many reasons as possible for people to choose to not quit smoking and switch to our products. Lastly, all Ohmega E-Juice is made right here in the USA by skilled American hands and we wouldn’t have it any other way!



We’re all reformed smokers at Ohmega Vapor as many E-Juice company owners are. It’s a story that’s become cliché in our industry. So what’s new? Ohmega has a different perspective that we challenge all of our competitors to match. At Ohmega we want to provide high quality and innovative, yet affordable products that will serve a customer from the day they decide to quit smoking, all the way to either becoming an avid vaper or quitting both habits all together. Like our motto says “The Power’s In Your Hands”. The freedom of choice is integral to the American way of life and Big Tobacco’s products have been taking that freedom away for too long!



Ohmega offers its customers 24/7 365 customer support. we wanted to offer this because we’re tired of companies checking out at 5 o’clock in whatever time zone they happen to be in (which is never the one you’re in) If they do offer after hours support, it’s always someone you can barely understand. We understand that people have lives and can’t always get to us during normal hours; we know our night owls need a little help too. The founders of Ohmega simply wanted to create a company that they would enjoy doing business with, and 24/7 American support is what they like. They hope you like it too!